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Vote for ORTA-Endorsed Candidate Michelle Flanigan!

Attention Active Teachers: Ballots for the 2024 STRS board election are arriving in your mailbox this week.

Vote for ORTA-endorsed candidate Michelle Flanigan as soon as you receive your ballot.

Check out this video from Wade Steen, calling on all teachers to support Michelle Flanigan.

Those eligible to vote include all STRS contributing members (except for reemployed retirees), individuals who have contributions on deposit with STRS and disability benefit recipients.

Votes can be cast by following the instructions printed on your ballot: 

  • MAIL: returning the paper ballot in the postage paid return envelope,

  • ONLINE: by visiting this link,

  • PHONE: by dialing the toll-free number listed on your ballot.

ORTA strongly recommends voting by phone or online to ensure your vote is counted immediately.

Even if you are not eligible to vote in this year’s election for active teachers, please spread the word about this election and encourage your educator friends, family or colleagues to vote Michelle Flanigan for STRS board.

If you do not receive your ballot by April 10th, or you misplace it, email, or call 866-276-1506, for a new ballot.

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