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The real story on the Ohio teacher pension fund is not a ‘red flag.’ It’s a debate about investment strategy: Today in Ohio

"It's a battle for the future of the fund by people who want to get a better return and we ought to treat this in a much more adult like manner than putting out sensational press releases about "huge red flag". - Chris Quinn

Chris Quinn, Editor at, and investigative reporter Laura Hancock talk about the real reason behind Gov. Mike DeWine's request for an investigation of STRS Ohio Board members on Today in Ohio podcast.

Listen to the podcast (first story) at

The STRS Ohio Watchdogs would like to correct the misinformation that Rudy Fichtenbaum proposed a $65 billion dollar investment.

"The opportunity for STRS Ohio to partner with QED to form a partnership known as Ohio AI was introduced. STRS Ohio would contribute inventory and QED would contribute technology and a catalog of structural arbitrage strategies. Dr. Fichtenbaum suggested STRS Ohio start with a $250 million investment. Mr. Stein suggested a performance guarantee be built into any agreement." - STRS Ohio Board Minutes, November 18, 2021



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