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"The public needs to be heard." - Pat Davidson

Thank you to Board members Julie Sellers, Rudy Fichtenbaum, and Pat Davidson for pushing back against placing additional restrictions on Public Participation at STRS Board meetings, as suggested by AON Consultants at the Board meeting on December 13th.

Some of AON's suggestions were:

  • Reduce the number of people permitted to speak during Public Particpation. The current number is 15.

  • Require members of the public to sign up a week in advance for Public Participation.

  • Require members of the public to submit their statements in advance so that staff and Board members can review the statements and decide when, and if, the statement may be presented during Public Participation.

"Changes may be perceived as trying to stifle the dissatisfaction that so many of our members have. Instead of building trust, it would take us in the opposite direction." - Rudy Fichtenbaum

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