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The ongoing debate over Ohio's teacher pension fund

Today at noon on Cincinnati Edition!

Dean Dennis, Founder of the STRS Ohio Watchdogs and President of ORTA, wil be a guest on Cincinnati Edition.

Ohio’s State Teachers Retirement System controls $90 billion invested on behalf of 500,000 active and retired teachers. But there is a debate among members over actively managed funds verses an index fund.

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost has launched an investigation into several STRS board members, and now one board member — known as one of the “reformers” — has resigned.

Amid the upheaval we examine how the state’s teacher pension fund is managed.


  • Lynn Hoover, interim executive director, State Teachers Retirement System of Ohio

  • Dean Dennis, president, Ohio Retirement for Teachers Association

  • Laura Bischoff, reporter, USA Today Network Ohio Bureau



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