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State opens another investigation into STRS pension fund

One day before results will be announced in the latest election for the board of the state teacher’s retirement system, yet another investigation was launched into STRS. 

Colleen Marshall, NBC4

May 10, 2024, 11:00 PM ET

The STRS Ohio Watchdogs would like to correct the misinformation that Rudy Fichtenbaum proposed a $65 billion dollar investment.

"The opportunity for STRS Ohio to partner with QED to form a partnership known as Ohio AI was introduced. STRS Ohio would contribute inventory and QED would contribute technology and a catalog of structural arbitrage strategies. Dr. Fichtenbaum suggested STRS Ohio start with a $250 million investment. Mr. Stein suggested a performance guarantee be built into any agreement." - STRS Ohio Board Minutes, November 18, 2021



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