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Ohio Teachers Lead The Fight To Restore Integrity To State Pensions

Governor DeWine and his cronies have rallied to thwart a valid teacher pension board election and support Wall Street secrecy schemes looting our nation's public pensions.

Pension warriors participating in the State Teachers Retirement System of Ohio have done a masterful job over the past 5 years organizing (through their Facebook groups and without union support), investigating and advocating for transparency at their pension. They have fought valiantly to restore integrity to a state teacher fund that has increasingly operated in secret for the financial and political benefit of others, including its bloated, richly compensated staff and Ohio elected officials. That’s not the way pensions are supposed to be run, i.e., for the sole or exclusive benefit of participants.

But this is far more than an Ohio story.

Ohio teacher pension participants are leading a national crusade to eliminate Wall Street secrecy schemes at all public pensions across the nation.



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