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Intrigue. Accusations of betrayal. Rebellion. The new season of “House of the Dragon”?

No, the Ohio State Teachers Retirement System.

The board of the $92.6 billion pension fund meets this week, and while an agenda is not yet available, the fate of Executive Director William Neville might be addressed. Neville has been on paid administrative leave since a November “personnel matter.” It is the second board meeting since the ascension of a group of self-proclaimed reform trustees to the board’s majority resulted in a new chairman and significant questions about investment staff compensation. The reformers have publicly called for the gutting of investment staff and a move to all index funds. Stay tuned!

STRS Ohio Board members Rudy Fichtenbaum and Wade Steen are incurring legal fees, defending themselves against the lawsuit brought against them by A.G. Dave Yost. ORTA will use donations from the Pension Defense Fund to help them, if needed, pay their legal expenses. They have volunteered their time to support Ohio's teachers. Now it's time for us to show our support for them! Make a donation today to the ORTA Pension Defense Fund

ORTA advocates for the pensions and benefits of Ohio's educators, demands accountability from STRS Ohio, and lobbies Ohio's legislators to provide a strong and sustainable retirement system. We rely on membership dues to continue our work. Join ORTA!



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