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  • David Pepper

Get to the bottom of this, Ohio. Keep paying attention.

"Where there's smoke, there's often some fire. And right now, there’s a whole lot of smoke billowing up around some very bizarre activity by Ohio’s Governor when it comes to the Ohio Teachers Pension Fund, and a recent election to that board." - David Pepper

In his video, David Pepper does not use specific names or details. Here are the facts.

  • In April 2023, there was an election for one contributing seat on the STRS Ohio Retirement Board. The two candidates were Arthur Lard, the incumbent, and Pat Davidson, an active teacher and contributing member of STRS Ohio.

  • The day before the election results were to be announced, Gov. DeWine's office announced that Wade Steen had been removed from the STRS Ohio Retirement Board.

  • On May 6, 2023, STRS Ohio announced the election results. Pat Davidson had won the election for the contributing seat.

  • "Wade Steen has filed a motion in Ohio’s 10th District Court of Appeals demanding that DeWine’s chosen successor, G. Brent Bishop, show by what right he claims to be sitting on the board. Put simply, Steen is arguing that DeWine failed to follow the law in trying to remove him." - Marty Schladen, Ohio Capital Journal

Watch and share David Pepper's video at

If you would like to help defray Wade Steen's legal expenses, you can make a donation to ORTA's Pension Defense Fund.




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