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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: ORTA calls for removal of STRS Board Chair

"The illegal behavior of Chairman Dale Price and the senior STRS staff is unacceptable. With news cameras recording every moment, a group of entrenched individuals chose to act in a way to knowingly silence and intimidate a public body. Dale Price disappointingly demonstrated his bias serving as the board chair and immediately needs to be removed if this pension system is ever going to embrace transparency.” - Dean Dennis, ORTA President

On April 18th, the Tenth District Court of Appeals issued a unanimous decision holding that Wade Steen was improperly ousted as the governor-appointed investment member of the STRS board and was immediately reinstated. The STRS board just happened to be meeting that very same day in Columbus, prompting Mr. Steen to immediately walk over and take his seat in the STRS boardroom as members were returning from lunch.

With a reform majority now firmly seated and recognizing the controversial STRS investment staff “performance bonuses” were set to be voted on per the agenda, Chairman Dale Price abruptly ended the meeting without a vote to adjourn. This clear violation of Robert’s Rules of Order and adopted board rules was met with protests from other board members. Chairman Price then backtracked his "adjournment" and then called for a recess. He then left the room never to return.

Fifteen minutes later, with board members still seated, Samuel Peppers from the Attorney General's office walked out to inform the room the meeting was "adjourned".

This orchestrated and premeditated conspiracy to prevent the meeting to continue begs for questions to be asked to the following individuals. (See full press release below.)

Did you know that ORTA has been paying for Wade Steen's legal fees as he fights to be reinstated to the STRS Ohio Board? Governor DeWine has signaled that he plans to ask the Supreme Court to intervene and deny Wade Steen his rightful seat on the STRS board. ORTA needs resources to continue this battle in the courts. Please consider making a donation to ORTA's Pension Defense Fund.



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