Labor Organizations & Public Records

Campaign finance data filed with the Ohio Secretary of State

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Form LM-2 Labor Organizations Annual Reports

U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Labor-Management Standards, Washington, DC 20210

What kind of information does an LM-2 report incude?

-number of members
-salaries of officers and staff
-political action committee (PAC)
-loss or shortage of funds
-rates of dues and fees
-7 asset categories such as cash and investments
-4 liability categories such as accounts payable and mortgages payable
-18 disbursement categories such as payments to officers and repayment of loans obtaine
-schedule of payments to officers
-schedule of payments to employees
-schedule of office and administrative expense

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Here are the file numbers for OEA an OFT. These file numbers will expedite your search.

LM-2 File # 512-490: Ohio Education Association (OEA)

LM-2 File # 513-310: Ohio Federation of Teachers (OFT)